TORF Fittings

TORF fitting
TORF fitting
TORF fitting
TORF fitting
TORF fitting
TORF fitting

TORF Fittings

WorldWide Machining & Welding, Inc., has developed a single-bodied TORF (Thread-O-Ring, Flanged) Fitting with integral reinforcement.

This NEW single-body design reduces the number of welds required during the manufacturing process. The elimination of the weld between the main body and the weld-o-let reduces manufacturing costs and increases the overall strength of the TORF.

Field Application

TORF Fittings can be used in a variety of applications, such as for purge and equalization during drain-up operations. TORF Fittings are fully compatible with current hot tapping machines, thermometer wells, gauge adapters and other probe instrumentation devices.


  • Main body machined out of a solid piece of SA350 LF2 CL1 low temp material.
  • Aluminum bronze plug.
  • Viton o-ring.
  • Teflon o-ring backer.
  • CGI 304 gasket with an option for 316.
  • Raised face blind flange machined out of SA350 LF2 CL1 low temp material.
  • B7 studs and nuts with an option for L7.
  • Fitting main bodies and blind flanges stamped with size, rating/class, material grade and heat number.
  • Material test reports provided for all fittings supplied.

Fittings available in additional material types and grades upon request.

Models Available

Size Class
1.5” ANSI 150
1.5” ANSI 600
2.0” ANSI 150
2.0” ANSI 300
2.0” ANSI 600
2.0” ANSI 900
3.0″ ANSI 150
3.0″ ANSI 600

Custom sizes available upon request.

200 unit on-hand inventory maintained for the following: 2” 150# TORFs and 2” 600# TORFs.

Download Spec Sheet (pdf)
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