Valve Stem Lock Nut & Lifting Tool

Stem Lock Nut & Lifting Tool
Stem Lock Nut & Lifting Tool

Valve Stem Lock Nut & Lifting Tool

WorldWide Machining & Welding, Inc., has developed and is now manufacturing a line of Valve Stem Lock Nuts & Lifting Tools.

Field Application

The Valve Stem Lock Nut & Lifting Tool can be used to safely and effectively lock out valves for maintenance and repair services.

The Valve Stem Lifting Tool is used to lift the valve stem and open the valve for installation of the lock nut.

The two halves of the valve stem lock nut are manufactured to clamp around the valve stem shaft and bolt into place, effectively locking the valve in the open position and isolating it for required servicing and repairs.


  • Each Stem Lifting Tool is machined out of 1018 carbon steel for maximum durability and features a heavy-duty hoist ring with a powder-coated finish.
  • Lifting tools are rated and load tested at 5000# to meet ASME B30.20a for below-the-hook lifting devices. Load test certificates provided with each Stem Lifting Tool at time of shipment.
  • All Valve Stem Lock Nuts feature an 6061 T-6 construction, which allows for ease of handling during installation. Additional features include eight locking bolts, two handles and powder-coated finish.
  • Valve Stem Lock Nuts & Lifting Tools are available for multiple valve models and may feature a raised or flanged face, dependent upon intended application.

Models Available


Custom sizes and models available upon request.

Download Spec Sheet (pdf)
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