On-Site Machining and Welding

WorldWide Machining & Welding offers a wide variety of on-site machining and welding services custom fit to meet our customers’ needs. On-site and emergency welding and machining services extend the life of heavy machinery attachments and eliminate costly replacements and downtime.

Pipe Severing and Beveling

WWMW’s machines are extremely rigid, accurate and precise, with quick setup and great versatility. Many tasks can be performed, such as sever, sever/bevel and counter bore work.

Flange Facing

Our refacing capabilities cover from 1-inch flanges to surfaces up to 20 feet in diameter, with close tolerances achieved in the field. ID and OD mount configurations are available.

Align Boring

At WWMW, we have the ability to align bore and reface equipment in the field from a single setup.


Our milling tools and services include everything from motor bases and other rotating equipment to platens, presses and similar applications. We carry various sizes and configurations with extensive fixtures and capacity.

Shaft Repair

WWMW has a range of end-mount and mid-shaft machines to complete your project.


From large stud removal to magnetic-based smaller needs, WWMW can perform a variety of drilling projects on-site.

Drain Down Services

WWMW now offers drain down services with our Modu-Tap system. Scheduled or emergency, we’ve got you covered.

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