Drafting Services

At WorldWide Machining & Welding, our drafting services can help take your project from concept all the way through engineering.

Drafting and Design

Our team can produce drawings that accurately represent your project specifications. From layouts and assembly drawings to manufacturing and fabrication drawings, WWMW provides drafting and design services that meet specific standards and code requirements, including ASME, ANSI and API. Our facility is equipped with industry-leading CAD tools and advanced workstations to complete your complex projects.

3-D Solid Modeling

Critical to most mechanical engineering projects, 3-D solid modeling will help you visualize your product before it is designed. It will also help you decrease development costs and discover any design errors prior to fabrication.

Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) blends aspects of computer science, engineering, physics and math. Using FEA, we offer material solutions for various product applications, including machining parts, coatings for marine and pipeline projects, and more. FEA helps us improve the quality of end products by not only increasing safety and product longevity but also exposing design flaws that can cause downtime or accidents.

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