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Hydraulic Cylinder Base

Our team of technicians have been busy on-site machining a hydraulic cylinder base! It's a 300,000 lb, 20-ft long x 8-ft wide x 4-ft thick platen. We are using our Climax 72,000 facing machine with O.D. mount. Take a look at the featured image!

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NHRA TV Crew Platform

Last week, our crew went on-site to Brainerd to install a TV crew platform for the NHRA bleacher stands. We were lifted 40 feet in the air to weld the platform to fit the existing stand unit.

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Hydraulic Hoist Cylinder Repair

Today WorldWide Machining & Welding, Inc. and Superior Hydraulics Repair Shop team up to refurbish a hydraulic hoist cylinder for one of our many clients up on the Iron Range.

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Here is a finished order of Moduline Pipe Supports loaded and ready for transport to their final destination in southern Wisconsin. All of our supports feature A572 Gr 50 materials, PVC or Teflon Liners, and a Hot Dip Galvanized finish. Please...

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