Subharmonic Stress Relief Subharmonic Stress Relief

Sub-Harmonic Stress Relief

Thermal stress, caused by sharp temperature drop in metal, can cause distortion and premature fatigue failures. Reducing stress is important to achieving and maintaining consistency and quality in metal parts.

WorldWide Machining & Welding helps prevent stress and material distortion through sub-harmonic stress relief, a vibration stress relief process that is industry-proven for 20 years.

How Sub-Harmonic Stress Relief Works

All metal parts display harmonic and non-harmonic behavior. But, if a part experiences a drastic drop in temperature, which causes thermally induced stress, the harmonic curve will be out-of-phase from its normal frequency location. Applying sub-harmonic vibrational energy redistributes pockets of high stress concentration, decreasing the effects of thermal stress and triggering a harmonic curve shift, effectively reducing stress.



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